Toasted the Shop, Santa Cruz CA // Grand Opening // 3.25.2021



At Toasted, we create functional and transitional jewelry that doesn't distract from your natural beauty, but enhances it. All of our pieces are designed with continuity, so you can mix and match any of our pieces to create your own unique look that promotes your own personal style- cus' why would you want to be like everyone else? 

Our mission is to promote a community of progressiveness and inclusivity. Our organic approach to brand development allows us to create a real, raw, and transparent brand experience- in fact most of the photos you see on our social media is from you guys, our freakin' awesome loyal customers! By keeping our team small, we are able to engage personally with awesome people, create and collect authentic content, and are firm believers in consistently generating energy that promotes positive impact within the community. 

Our priority is open conversation and true connection with you as our customers. This is how we remain innovative and are able to create the best possible pieces- because we live for that smile that we see when you put on a piece of our jewelry.

Toasted isn’t just a jewelry company. We are community, we are fun, we are culture.


Natalie Opperman is a self taught jeweler who combines her passion for jewelry design and style to create a brand that reflects individuality, current trends and quality pieces. Every single piece that you see, buy, and touch has been carefully crafted.
"I am a firm believer in unique quality pieces. My goal is to provide you with the highest quality jewelry that can still manage an affordable price point and it's in my DNA to keep a close eye on precision and detail. I use sterling silver, 14k gold filled, and 14k rose gold filled materials to ensure longevity and long lasting pieces. I have had the same rings on my hands (plus or minus a few) for years now! My amazing apprentice, Madison Jani and I take our time with each piece to ensure that you are getting the best possible product- and we are absolutely obsessed it! Every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, you will never find anything else exactly like it."
Madison Jani is Natalie's apprentice and right hand woman. She was born in Santa Cruz, CA and grew up dancing there. She has always loved jewelry and especially loves unique pieces. She first found out about Toasted Jewelry in Zen Island (a favorite local shop) and immediately fell in love. The pieces stood out among all the others in their beauty and durability. Maddie first met Natalie at one of her trunk shows and was enamored with her kindness and love for jewelry. She had always wanted to learn how to make jewelry but never has the resources. After conversation, she had offered Maddie the opportunity to learn all the techniques and hard work that goes into a jewelry business. She hopes to follow Natalie's footsteps and one day own a jewelry business after finishing college. She loves being able to proudly represent Toasted and the message behind it. She continues to make jewelry with Toasted and on her own.